Casa Grande Internet is now hiring for the positions below:

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Computer Tech
      Level-1 (Hourly $11 - $14) Salary $22,800 - $29,120
      Level-2 (Hourly $13 - $16) Salary $27,040 - $33,280
Computer Tech Supervisor
      Level-3 (Hourly $15 - $18) Salary $31,200 - $37,440

Monitor trouble tickets and performs necessary actions to resolve issues.

- Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
- Experience using tools such as E-mail, ticketing systems and instant messaging.
- Experience in dealing with upset or difficult customers and good phone etiquette is a must.
- High degree of personal integrity and professionalism.
- Highly self-motivated and can work effectively with minimal supervision. However, 
      takes direction well when provided.
- Capable of independent action and decision making.
- Excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills.
- Persistent and dependable, especially with attendance and meeting deadlines.
- Able to manage multiple competing priorities.
- Flexibility to work extended hours and weekends if needed, or as required during 
     on-call paging rotation.

Responsibilities are included but not limited to:

Information Services performs services associated with computer hardware, software and
Technical Services - Defines, analyzes, and resolves technical problems on equipment,
     systems and related equipment. Performs installation, repair and preventative maintenance
     on equipment and systems. 
Telco Services providing services associated with data telecommunications, including,
     but not limited to DSL, Wireless, Point-to-Point, Frame Relay, and POTS. 
Works closely with client technical personnel as required. 
Maintains and submits all required records. 
Properly communicates project status to client, management, and to other appropriate
Adapts skills and knowledge as new products are adopted and implemented in order to
    properly service equipment.
Initiates and receives client, client rep, help desk phone calls and Remedy requests
    related to technical issues. 
Resolves issues over the phone where possible, determines possible cause of the issue,
    and involves other departments as needed in the troubleshooting and resolution process.